New Beginning:Operation: Boca and Booty!

Me before...

Today…was…AWESOME! And it just keeps getting better.  I took the rest of the semester off from my MBA program and lost my job on Wednesday…and picked MY LIFE back up!  Isn’t that just divine intervention at it’s finest? A “oh-my-god-what-the-heck-am-I-going-to-do-now-please-don’t-let-me-fall-panic-panic-panic-PANIC!” moment became a “I-think-I-better-dance-now” moment!

Me after...O-So-sUN-y!

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine came into town to attend a belly dance conference with none other than the very beautiful, very talented, very renowned Dr. Sunyatta Amen and the Belly dancers of Color Association.  She thanked me for my hospitality with a VIP ticket to the concert on the closing night.  I was in the midst of finishing up the semester, but I decided to go, and I’m glad I did.  Part of my initial plan upon moving to DC was to join BOCA and get my body back into shape.  Of course, the best laid plans often go belly up (and in my case, belly out!) because I get so caught up in revamping my life that I forget to live my life.  This turned out to be just the invitation I needed!

Dr. Amen, a gift and inspiration!

The performances were very nice, but the closing act REALLY activated every cell in my body: BRAZILIAN SAMBA!

Sidebar:  To know me is to know that I adore all things Brazilian.  The language, the culture, the people, the food, the music, the dance, the martial arts, the names, the buildings, the clothing, the EVERYTHING!  I love how Brazil holds the largest concentration of Afrikans in the diaspora outside of Afrika herself.  And I love that the spirit of Afrikanity is enmeshed within the very fabric of Brazilian society on nearly every level!  So, I claim Brazilian ancestry, whether my ancestors arrived there and continued on to America or not, and I do so because THEY ARE MINE! Now…moving on…

Meu Brazil! Meu coracao!

Muito obrigado Zezeh! Estou rejuvenescido!

The Brazilian Samba class is taught by an amazing woman named Zezeh.  My ten-year old daughter, one of my closest and dearest friends, and I went to preview the class and was told by Dr. Amen to “get out there on the floor and dance!”, which we did!  We moved, shimmied, picked up our feet, swayed our hips, shook our booty meat (gotta love a culture that loves the booty!), and turned in circles together!  It was so INVIGORATING!  I never feel more in touch with my femininity and strength than I do when I am in the presence of other women, in all shapes, sizes, and stages of life.  Warm hugs of welcome, high fives of accomplishment, and determination to transcend physical limitations is the epitome of inspiration to me!

I decided then and there to join the studio, and will return tomorrow to preview the Afro-Cuban Orisha dance class.  All in all, I will most likely work out (via dance) in excess of ten hours each week.  For me, that is just what I need.  I am in a state of health emergency, and when I was at my strongest, at my healthiest, and at my happiest, I worked out six days a week.  I’m older now, and my body doesn’t want to do certain things anymore.

But she loves to dance, and she loves all things Brazilian.  So…MUITO OBRIGADO ZEZEH E DR. AMEN!

This is where it's happening! If you don't know, now you KNOW!


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3 Responses to New Beginning:Operation: Boca and Booty!

  1. Rheminise says:

    Another amazing post….Glad you enjoyed yourself and you are truly an amazing writer!

  2. Hi Kenisha,

    What a beautiful moment in your life and I’m so happy that a can be a part of this new journey, I love to have you in class and your beautiful daughter, and it’s mo much funny when We have a
    beautiful sister like you to dance with. And thank you so much for the thoughtful words, And
    The word is calling you now for you to give all you gift to the mother earth because We need, and please keep writing, because your truly have the heart and soul, and We are in need of this lovely energy, thank you. It’s my honor to know you,

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