There Is Healing in those HIPS!

Sometimes life feels like I am preparing for this...

Sometimes…I take the long way around things.  It’s what my grandmother would call “beating around the bush”.  I don’t know why I do this, perhaps it’s some combination of nerves and insecurity, but I spend so much time in my head preparing myself for experiences that by the time I finally leap, I’ve exasperated myself and everyone else around me in the interim!

...yet, when I have Faith, and leap, I feel like THIS!

I realized that this is no way to live.  So, after nearly two months of scheduling conflicts and burning my candle at both ends (and even finding a way to burn it in the middle!), I finally made my way to Brazilian Samba class with Zezeh at Mama Sita Studio in DC.  Last night I attended my third class. The energy was, as always, INVIGORATING!  These students love the dance, and how could they not?  The teacher, Zezeh, is so full of love herself!  Smiles are a part of samba attire and warm, sweaty hugs after a midsummer’s night dream of dancing are like nectar from the Samba gods!

The family that PLAYS together, STAYS together!

I attempted to sneak out the house by myself, but somehow, my husband and three children (all dancers and martial artists) ended up in the car with me.  So, we set out for the little studio with big spirit on 4th street in Northwest DC together.

At my first class, my body hurt so bad it was good!  I had to stop from time to time to allow my feet and legs to adjust to the new movements.  I felt like I had cement shoes on my feet, I could hardly lift them at all, let alone in time to the music!  I felt so heavy and weighed down, but inside, my spirit was SOARING!  I vowed then and there that I would attend every single class.

This is the first promise and agreement that I have kept with myself in a long time.

My second class found me able to dance with no pain in my legs at all.  My third class, last night, found me more comfortable in my body, my skin, and swaying my hips in time with the music.  I found it easier to move my feet ‘samba style’ when I stopped THINKING about it so hard, and just trusted that they would know what to do.  When I stop tensing up from the expectation that I’m not doing it ‘right’, my body winds and undulates and has a mission of its own!

But those hips…those hips that rock and shake and groove!  Those hips that make you want to move!  Those hips that were hidden and bed ridden, and baby driven.  Those hips that forgot the joy of dance, that call to romance…those hips that wanted a second chance.  At life.

The hips don't lie!

There is healing in those hips.  All you have to do is hear the drums and open your heart, and it will find you.

Te Coracao (Your Heart) knows what you need, are you ready to listen?


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You will know me by my words. And if they don't do me justice, then let's go for a cup of coffee!
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