Sets in the SiTea

*Disclaimer: This post is from July 2011. I’m working on a few things in 2012. Talking myself out of talking myself out of blogging on a regular basis is one of them. The second is…shorter posts! I…..haven’t figured that out yet! And this disclaimer isn’t helping, so…POOF!*

Yesterday I felt like Evilene from The Wiz.  Not that I felt like a big, ugly witch who made everyone around me tremble in fear.  But I did feel like my plans for the weekend were being flushed down the toilet.  To which I just declared “Don’t nobody bring me no bad news”.

Did you bring me bad news? What did I say? WHAT DID I SAY?!!

Did you...bring ME...more bad news? You did? Oh, ok. Wait right there...

I’ve certainly been in the throes of experiencing expansion and contraction in my life.  Blessings and takesies-backsies.  Just when I think I’m out of a rough patch, THEY bring me back in.

Life is about refinement and growth.  I get it.  I dig it.  I applaud it even.  But sometimes, I want life to be a little less liberal, a lot more conservative, and let me catch my breath.

Today, I grabbed a book, grabbed my keys (forgot my GPS), and went for a drive.  I was trying to find a restaurant (whose name I won’t mention here, because I’ve only eaten there once and they don’t get that kind of love from me yet!) to satisfy my comfort food craving.  Something with avocado and sour cream.  A tortilla shell.  And meat.  Strike one million on my journey back into vegetarianism.

I called a girlfriend enroute and we just talked.  The way girlfriends do.  We laugh.  We fuss.  We complain.  We vent to each other so we don’t haul off on our loved ones.  We strategize.  We support one another.  We encourage each other.

Because I can’t walk and chew gum, or apparently drive and talk (hands free! I was on hands free!), I kept missing my turns, which in downtown DC is another way of saying “I guess I want to take the long way around town!”.  I ended up somewhere in Northwest terribly lost but admiring the homes and green space that they apparently enjoy over here, a rarity downtown and east of the river.

Since I was in Northwest, and couldn’t find a place to satisfy my animal protein fix, I decided to head over to SiTea: The Spice Boutique, the sister company to Mama Sita Studio.  I write a lot about Mama Sita studio because I love a place of good people and good energy.  And now, as I have discovered, good food and beverage!

SiTea is this incredible establishment that is as dynamic in design as its proprietors, Dr. Sunyatta Amen and Lady Dane Figuerora.  I’d stopped in for water and coffee cake for my daughters on my way to dance class in the past, but promised myself that one day I would go in, have some tea, and just chill.  I am trying to kick my coffee habit as well.  You’d think an Aries would know to stay far away from caffeine, right!

So, this is where I found myself today.  After the bad news I’d received, I needed to just decompress.  There were two customers in there, so I had a seat on the sofa, picked up a book on birthdays, and read.  About myself.  About ideal environments and attributes, strengths and challenges.  I listened to the conversation, and laughed with its participants.  Eventually, the four of us began to converse about so many topics, you could tell we just wanted to get some stuff off our chests.

We talked about politics.  And economics.  And the wealth gap.  We talked about spirituality, and religion.  History, and sexuality.  We talked about diet and lifestyle, and so many things that just seemed to blend as perfectly as the iced tea Dane served me in a martini glass lined with organic brown sugar and honey. I think the fruit is called a Lychee.  The tea is called a Lycheetini.  I call it SEXY AND FABULOUS!

Cosmically Delicious! need more of this in your life. I know you do. Come on...come on!

I love new experiences, anything that challenges me to open my mind and EVOLVE.  Dane and SiTea kept me honest today, and in return, I honored the covenant I made with my body.  To be true to it, to take care of it, and to heal it.  I stayed on the vegetarian path today.

But more than this being about what I put in my body was what I REMOVED from my body.  Years of repression, and responsibility for those things that were never mine in the first place.  Never mind how they got there, it’s been time to let them go.  I talk about that a lot because there are a lot of people struggling with LETTING GO.  Generations of pain that remain trapped in our veins.

There are pockets of healing in our cities.  For me, it’s in the SiTea.  And I’m glad they are there.  I know that I can pull up and go in for a set.

And it’s the best set I ever had!

A smile that lights up the world...

A smile that lights up the world...

Dane Figueroa Edidi- an African, Native American and Cuban performance artist, dubbed Lady Dane, began singing with his aunt and uncle (Liz Figueroa Byrd & Bill Byrd) in Baltimore, as well as in Church. Attending the Baltimore School for the Arts he began to study jazz and was mentored by Ruby Glover and Mark Cook.

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